Four Agreements with My Ego

by bryan maynard


  1. My ego will complain about what life and others have done ‘to me.’ The Being that I am agrees to gently ask the ego, “Who is taking things so personally?”
  2. My ego, understandably, assesses certain emotions as a sign that something is wrong and that some action(s) must be taken to bring about change; unfortunately, my ego learns over time to resist the very emotions themselves, gradually narrowing my window of tolerance for the full range of human experience, including ‘pleasant’ experiences. The Being that I am agrees to thank the ego for its service and kindly show my ego to the door.
  3. My ego believes it is the real me. The Being that I am agrees to gently ask, “Who is talking in my head?”
  4. My ego thrives on making quick comparisons and judgments of what’s happening; but this keeps me from being where I am now. The Being that I am agrees to do my best to slow down in order to allow whatever is happening to be felt and embraced and experienced.