The Fruit of Love in the Hidden Places

by bryan maynard


When love runs down to the hidden places and a pool begins to form there, slowly gathering and lifting, rising higher and higher toward the surface, a new way of being buds and flowers and a quality of life starts to grow from underneath. 

I being to notice that…

1. …Love awakens me to beauty. I’ve always known intuitively that there is a connection between love and beauty, but as I slow down and listen more to the love flowing underneath the mountain of self, I can no longer separate love from beauty, or beauty from love. If beauty gives back to us the images of our best thoughts (Fitzgerald), it is love that gives to all things their sovereign quality of beauty…

and I want to get ‘in on’ this beauty and I want beauty to somehow get ‘in on’ me. Why? Because I am drawn to love that hides as beauty in all things.

2. …Joy becomes the energy with which I live my life. In the older spiritualities that have proven worthy reflections for all to consider, joy is actually built into who we are.

We are made OF joy

We come FROM joy

We are GOING to joy

We do things FOR joy

In other words, if you looked inside the brains of the healthiest people you could find, you would probably see all the lights in the house shining bright through the windows and all these lights would simply mean that the person had the good fortune and the good skills to know what life is for and to know how to do life…and the ‘what’ of life and the ‘how’ of life ARE THE SAME THING…

Life is FOR joy (Joy is the thing you want to go for in life) but

Joy is also HOW you get through in this life; joy becomes the energy from which you live; joy helps you make decisions; joy keeps you riveted to the present moment.

 When love flows down to the hidden places, things are related more than they are separated. 

Just as I can no longer separate love from beauty,

I can no longer separate being human from being joyful.

Love to all! and lots of joy!!