Love Always Wants to Run to the Lowest Places

by bryan maynard

A good friend said to me some time ago, “I think you have lived your whole life in doing mode, performing like a good boy does, and fear has been the source of your coming and going. You’re so tired. Do you know how to BE? Could it be that love has been blocked from running down into your hidden places? You know love is like water; it always wants to run to the lowest places.”

Not a bad thing to be asked. It prompted some thinking.

What if there isn’t anything to do except let love run down into the hidden places? 

What if love came and sat down in the inner room and brought all her things with her and said, “All I am saying is this: ‘I am here. I am staying here with you…and, I will never leave you. You are my home’.” 

Could this actually become true for me, for my friends, for my enemies?

What if love is already waiting for us in the lowest places, lower and deeper than the fear and the pain? What if love goes deeper and goes beyond the dark?

What if love really does live with us in the lowest places…because it really IS us?