The Essence of Peace

by bryan maynard

To speak of the nature of peace is like trying to catch wind in your hand. It can be as elusive for us as it was for Socrates in his search for the highest virtue as the essence of all the other virtues. But, if I keep talking like this I’ll bore you to death.  

I ‘gather’ my sense of peace from the longest standing traditions that have remained open and, at the same time, held onto what is worth cherishing. These great lights stand the test of time and culture because they address the truest nature of the human person in community with all things. 

I want to live a good and happy life and peace is becoming more of a critical piece to my understanding. So, for anyone who wants to know all there is to know about peace, keep reading 🙂

With my limited but growing knowledge of spiritual traditions, I understand the essence of peace to mean something like this:

Peace is resting in love as the reality that harmonizes all

Whatever we might say about love and however we might differ in our spiritual traditions and language about why and how and who and where and when, peace is resting in love as harmonizing reality. This is where I am with my understanding of peace today.

Peace to you, my beloved friends