My Strategy for Peace Today

by bryan maynard

Today, my Mindfulness teacher gave me a strategy for living with peace throughout the day. This strategy assumes a certain level of work has been done on knowing one’s self, without which it is much harder to put this into practice. I couldn’t have done this a few years ago because the confusion about who I am (even though I really thought I knew who I was) would not have allowed me to actually do what the strategy intends without trying to ‘use it’ to manipulate or artificially engineer some ‘positive experience’ to keep me charging forward out in the world.

I am posting this in the form of a visual poem for the sake of emphasizing the key idea in the strategy. The idea is to ask myself this question throughout the day and breath while I take note of the answers to the question in the poem.

What is the truth

of my experience

in this moment?

I plan on using this as a way of being present and then letting life happen without trying to control everything or ‘fix’ anything. If I am aware of what is happening, I can be in that experience and then ‘let go’ by just letting it happen.