3 kinds of peace

by bryan maynard

1. Peace of circumstances. Conditions are amiable to the general physical, social and emotional needs we all have.

2. Peace of self-knowledge. Knowing who you are (i.e., your values) when circumstances turn gray. This a level beyond the peace of circumstances and is the only way to have the deeper peace of the third kind.

3. Peace of letting go. This is the deepest and most mature level of peace. Knowing that circumstances go up and down, and having learned through that chaos who you are, you now come to the place where you give up control and, FINALLY, rest in accepting reality as it happens–not as a victim, but as a gentle warrior who uses acceptance as THE way to deal with life. We don’t change things until we accept that things change. And, when this happens, we become very powerful, calm, able to face the pain and enjoy the good things…because we hold things loosely.


Peace to you, friends!