What Was Once the Largest Shopping Center in Northern Ohio…

by bryan maynard

What Was Once the Largest Shopping Center in Northern Ohio Was Built Where There Had Been a Pond I Used to Visit Every Summer Afternoon (by Mary Oliver)


Loving the earth, seeing what has been done to it,

I grow sharp, I grow cold.


Where will the trilliums go, and the coltsfoot?

Where will the pond lilies go to continue living

their simple, penniless lives, lifting

their faces of gold?


Impossible to believe we need so much

as the world wants us to buy.

I have more clothes, lamps, dishes, paper clips

than I could possible use before I die.


Oh, I would like to live in an empty house,

with vines for walls, and a carpet of grass.

No planks, no plastic, no fiberglass.


And I suppose sometime I will.

Old and cold I will lie apart

from all this buying and selling, with only

the beautiful earth in my heart.

–Mary Oliver, WHY I WAKE EARLY, Beacon Press: Boston, 36