3 Ideas That Relieve My Fear

by bryan maynard

First idea: Don’t run from this emotion. Lean into it. Breathe it. Investigate it. “What is the quality of this emotion? Where do I feel this in my body? What thoughts am I having during this stormy event?”

Second idea: This is going to pass. Like clouds that brood and thunder, the ominousness of this emotion is real; fear is here and it is dominating the sky of my mind, but even though it feels familiar and feels like it will never end, I know in my experience that I’ve felt this before and it has passed before. It will pass, again. “The sun is here. It is right here too.”

Third idea: Give yourself tender acceptance. This is my safe-room in the storm of fear and anxiety. I always come back to this third idea over and over. “Bryan, you are loved and you don’t have to be fearless right now. You are safe in who you are. May you be filled with lovingkindness now more than ever.”

You are loved!