A Loving Heart Blesses the Inherently Unmarketable

by bryan maynard

Sitting in a doctor’s office this past year in my workout clothes, I was ambushed. From out of nowhere, a flood of enlightenment awakened my heart to a single truth so powerful, I nearly sang out loud: “You are loved, Bryan. This is the truest thing about you. It is who you are. You are loved. There is no higher truth for you.” 

I sign a lot of my posts with ‘You are loved” because of my ambush experience. I put it out there to others because we live in a world that values people for their beauty, intelligence, productivity and material status. With this truth is mind, I share this quote from my journal. I really don’t know where I got this. It isn’t original with me, but it has the truth in it, and I hope it shines on you. It goes like this…

Blessed are the inherently unmarketable

Blessed are the unattractive

Blessed are the psycho-somatically ill

Blessed are the disassociative, detached and de-realized

Blessed are the hungry, the unemployable, the dropout,

for there is a place where these invisible ones become the healers of the people and the land. It is they who generate and regenerate the world