One ? to Ask

by bryan maynard

Here is one question my spiritual practice teaches me to ask when I am helping myself to  live more fully in the present:

What is my truest nature experiencing in this moment?

This helps me focus on two things: first, I become aware that I am a person having an experience within and/or without. Second, I recognize this experience is happening to me but hasn’t always been with me and will not remain forever because it is not me. By asking this question I create ‘space’ between myself as a person and whatever is happening to me or inside me. My true nature as a person is like a mountain, and as a mountain I am solid, grounded in this experience at this moment, letting reality happen but without identifying my true self with ANY of what is happening within or without.

This takes time to develop. Doing something called “mindfulness” meditation for twenty minutes a day trains my mind to respond to life in this manner. Eventually, I can learn to be present to experiences that have historically been nearly impossible for me. Maybe. I hear it happens, anyway.

There are some experiences and some people to always avoid because they are too destructive, but learning to separate oneself from the experiences of life by being present in those experiences is the way to make peace with our souls and with others…our truest nature is that we are persons built for lovingkindness and each one of us is a mountain that can grow up out of the sea to be present to all of life. I believe this for myself and for any person who seeks to live the path with heart.