True Healing Goes Through the Pain

by bryan maynard

Healing starts with a trusted teacher

Healing starts with a trusted teacher

True maturation on the path with heart requires that we discover the depth of our wounds…If you haven’t cried a number of times, your meditation hasn’t really begun. –Jack Kornfield and Aachan Chah, Path with Heart, 41.

Integration and harmony in our lives requires more than mental practices that manipulate our mental states. When we relax these mental and spiritual disciplines, our grief from the past, the unhealed traumas from our childhood abuse or abandonment, the unfulfilled longings and the sorrow can continue to have powerful, unconscious influence on our lives. I’ve found that a healthy relationship with a trusted teacher serves as ‘a sacred container to support my awakening.’ The wise teacher knows the cure for the pain means passing through the pain. The wise teacher also knows we are prone to avoid passing through this way when left to ourselves. It is always better to pass through pain with someone who has walked this way before us.